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Warriors of Minas Tirith are looking to recruit new soldiers!

Greetings everyone!

Warriors of Minas Tirith is a newly formed guild in Daggerfall Covenant.

We are looking to recruit new soldiers to join our ranks! We have now obtained Guild Heraldry, inspired by the tabards of Gondorian Soldiers (black with a white tree). If you want to join a guild that aims to take part in both pvp and pve or even just for the roleplaying aspect behind being a Warrior of Minas Tirith then this is the perfect guild for you!

Rise through the ranks from Man-at-arms to master at arms to the elite Citadel Guard, maybe even captain. Tales will be told of our bravery!

Although we do not have an age limit on the guild I do ask that people are mature and respectful to others!

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