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Audio silence on switching between headphones/speakers

Hi! Lately, because I'm away from my primary residence, I've returned to playing ESO on my 2013 15" MacBook Pro instead of the Windows machine I'd switched to in January, and I've recently noticed an audio issue I never had before.

In the past, I could easily plug and unplug my headphones and it would switch seamlessly from headphones to speakers and vice versa. However, recently, I've noticed that when I try this, the audio from the game cuts out completely, and cannot be restored except by exiting the client and restarting it.

I first noticed this while doing Skype and thought it was a Skype issue, but then more recently had it happen just by unplugging and plugging in my headphones with no other applications running. Given the timing, I suspect it might be related to the issue mentioned in with the new audio libraries added in 2.x, but this symptom might be easier to reproduce and test.
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