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"Bloody Bone Pit" 3-way PVP Arena Tournament Sunday July 12

The next event in Legend's weekly PVP tournament schedule will be an epic battle to the death in the “Bloody Bone Pit” Arena on Sunday July 12 @ 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern.

How does it work?
Inside a massive dungeon cavern with bosses spawning all around them, three players will battle for dominance (AD, EP and DC). If you die, next player in your faction is sent in to the battleground.

If no one dies after 7 minutes, we send the next batch of players in for 2v2v2, and so on

Last team with one member still standing wins! All players on the winning team receive Psijic Ambrosia prizes.

How to enter?
Send in-game mail message to @IcyDeadPeople with your faction & character name, level, class by no later than midnight on Friday July 11. Only max 15 spots on each faction, so enter early to secure your spot.

Event begins promptly at 2pm pacific / 5pm eastern on Sunday July 12. If you are competing in the tournament or just want to watch, please be ready to join us on teamspeak 30 minutes prior to start as we will group together by faction and travel together to the Bone Pit Arena.

How can I help?
You can buy tickets for the Legend raffle ( http://tinyurl.com/legendraffle ) or make a donation. Also if you have teh L337 no scope gaming PC, please help us to record footage of the tourney.

Send in-game mail message to @IcyDeadPeople and you can include either 500 gold for each raffle ticket, or any donation for prizes - ideally send gold donation, but potions, mats, motifs, etc are also welcome. (If you are buying multiple raffle tickets, please try to include the total gold for all tickets in one mail.)

More info at http://tinyurl.com/bloodyarena
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