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Fungal Grotto Dungeons event 7/9 / 9pm-11pm est / Xb1 / NA / EB



Our guild Boogie nation is hosting a test run on Dungeons event this Thurs 7/9 from 9pm to 11 pm est time.
We play on XBOX1 / NA / EB

We are opening this event to none guild member as well. Our guild is mostly trading and not everyone are into Group events. We would really like to run a weekly Dungeons event to make things easier for players that have a hard time grouping. Or just easier to know that every week this set time some on is doing this dungeons .

We pick Fungal Grotto this week because it one of the early one and easier to do this test run

We have a few group PVE leaders that will group you and take you in the Dungeons so we can get people in and out and done. So you can go back to playing your game.

We do go by a list so if you are interested RSVP xbox mail HYPNONYC or sign in here. We might have a cap on how many members but if we have more people we can get have more PVE leader from the guild to help.

The cut off for this list is Wed 7/8 5pm est .

This is our 1st test run so hopefully if more people want to be part of this we will get this going and run a weekly.

This event also help us meet new active players .

If you are interest in joining the guild you check . The guild is full and there is a waiting list.
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Boogie Nation Guild
  • unicycledood
    I'm a lvl 21 healer who has beaten the dungeon a few times Id be down to join and help out GT is hammerhux
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