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Trading/PvP/Questing/Dungeons, The Arc, Daggerfall, 490+ members

The Arc is now recruiting new members or old.

The Arc is a guild for everyone Noobs or Veterans, its a laid back guild, its for players who like to join up together for Dungeons "Normal or Vetran", Questes, Pvp or just to make new friends and have a laugh.

The Guild Master is Ready Willing and Abel to help if your new to the game bekdar, and so are all Officers. just join the guild chat and let us know there or MSG An officer DeadEye1850/ AcyclicFlyer970/ GrimSleeper4/ XIBUSTAA or iG x Obvious.

We have a Guild store/trader and a handfull of players around 490 mostly friends, 6 of wich are Officers and a few vice Officers + open spots.

Our aim is to get more Active Players to join the Guild so we can get a bigger Economie going for our Guild Trader and also... go nuke Cyrodiil with a horde of players. Most players are from The DaggerFall Covenant and Ebonheart Pact, aswell as from The Aldmeri Dominion. All Alliances are welcome, if some 1 is from a diffrent Alliance it doesnt mean you cant trade, quest or do dungeons together.

Our outside Guild Trader is allways in a City most likely DaggerFall Wayrest if not he is somewhere els, what if your in a diffrent Alliance? well this doesnt mean you cant sell items in the guild store, the outside guild trader is only a thing so that people from other guilds "the world" can buy your items so your selling not only to your guild but also to people that are outside your guild.

Sooo why join this guild ? whats in it for you ? and your friends...

*- Each week we allways have a Guild Trader (We have at the moment around 4.000.000 in bankfunds and still rising)
*- Lots of Promotions to get higher ranks in the guild and gain access to certain things (like the guild bank, Voice chat, PvP groups and the Dungeon groups and more...)
*- Easy PvP grouping
*- You can team up easily for veteran Dungeons or normal once.
*- Questing together in craglorn or just normal quests.
*- Guildchat is there if you need help with something (you can allways ask the GuildMaster or An Officer via mail ingame or msg them on xboxlive)
*- A fancy looking guild Tabard/Heraldry.... (you can have input on its creation, just check out DeadEye1850 acount and leav a comment on the videos there)
*- Last but not least we give out bites Vampire or Werewolf (just msg an Officer for one or The Guildmaster)
*- And alot more..... SWAGG

We are working on a Guild lottery sooo keep in touch !!!!

To Join us: Leave your Xbox Live Gamertag below.

Or Message The GuildMaster My Xbox Live Gamertag is ''bekdar'' and when you do message, please write ''invite to The Arc eso''.

Send the messages only to Xbox Live Gamertag plz, so no ingame mail.....
Thnx in advance and cya ingame !

Edited by DeadEye1850 on January 25, 2016 3:17PM
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