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cross-platform play

this should really be a thing where i can login on pc and play and progress can carry over to console and vise versa although that may be a problem staying in the same guilds i suppose too. but still a game like DCUO is cross-platform since i had started my account on PC and then used the same character on PS3 then PS4 when it came out. so why is this such a no-no for this game ?
  • ctt13
    Well because PC was made first, some items and quests in the console version are probably not in the PC version. This would cause multiple game breaking errors if you were allowed to switch back and forth.
  • Joe-xS
    I think it has something to do with accounts. Like your friends PSN ID or Xbox Live ID and of course the guilds. They offered the one time switch because it was only your character data, going back and fourth you'd have to keep wiping the character clean. And with character names being a thing, what happens if your name is taken on other platforms?

    They probably could do it, but I think it would cause too much hassle and it's time they could be spending fixing things in the game.
  • Stories-Bones-Tell
    It just wouldn't be fair. PC users would get DESTROYED in PVP by console players. The skill gap is just too wide. You can't mash up players who were raised on turn based garbage with players who played actual games. :)
  • Caesar Tantalia
    Caesar Tantalia
    Megaserver technology but foremost MS are the reasons this is never going to happen.

    As to the above - there is no new content on consoles, on the contrary, you'll be behind PC when it comes to new content and patches because of the console certification process.

    Console players bashing PC players - nice try but no :-)
  • SlyFox1979
    i started my character on pc the pc char i'm vet 3 console vet 7 now thats A LOT of work to do over on pc

    i was raised on turn based games lol.
    my character name is the same on pc and console so no problem there lol

    if cross-platform was a thing then stuff like guild info would carry over i would think.
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