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[PELEEMOS] PvP & PvE Guild, for Casual Gamers!

Soul Shriven
Hi there!
We are Peleemos, a growing, highly active, social guild. We are still looking for more members and we are planning on getting a guild trader. Right now the guild is small, but we are growing. The people who are in the guild right now have a history, we've played multiple games together and known each other for three years now, but we thought it was time to expand and get some more people to play with. We only play in the PS4 Europe megaserver, apologies to our American friends.

You don't have to be in a specific alliance to join us, but right now the most of us are in the Daggerfall Covenant. We are planning on recruiting people outside of the Daggerfall so everybody is able to find somebody to play with.

Dungeons & Quests
We also play a lot of dungeons with each other and play quests with each other. We help out where we can and we're just running around and doing quests with each other. When we have to be serious, we can though. Like our name suggests, we don't back down from a fight. So we are up for any challenge.

The Guild also participates in PvP, but we don't support a sole alliance. Like we've stated before, you are free to join us no matter the alliance. So you have to find people from your own alliance in the Guild to play PvP, but that won't be that once we really start to grow.

If you are interested by what you've just read, be sure to leave a reply with your PSN name and I'll contact you as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can contact me in game and just send me a friend request with a message attached that says: 'Guild' or something like that and I know enough. My PSN is Jepran.
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