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New crown store ideas

Soul Shriven
Gender Change
I'm sure ppl would love the opportunity to be able to buy a gender change.

Race Change
This I believe would be a highpoint. Yes it wouldn't work for ppl who don't have the be any race with any faction bought. But it would open up the opportunity to combo the two together in crown store allowing ppl who have the any race with any faction to be able to min max their racial attributes. This would be great and I'm sure many would appreciate.

New Hairstyles/adornments/facial features(beards,makeup, etc.)
New customizable features for characters would be fantastic.

New Motiffs for armor and weapons
I'm sure ppl are ancy for newer ways to mix and match their appearance.

Dragon mounts
Theres a dragon in the middle of cyrodil that looks very badass. I would love to be able to have something like that as a mount, wether it be a crown store item or a very rare drop from a high level dungeon and or very hard achievment to aquire that rewards you the dragon.

More ideas to come, any1 with their own ideas are welcome to add to it. Hopefully devs have some nice feedback for us.
  • SedoUmbra
    Gender Change: This is ridiculous. Ludicrous. Why....? I think few people would want the opportunity for a gender change. Gender doesn't affect gameplay so if you've picked a man or woman, you've picked it because you want to be a man or woman.

    Race Change: People would love this. I don't like the idea because your race defines your character but ignore me, ZOS would hate this too. It would be used as a rush tool. Start as Khajiit to get Medium Amour high, spend a few crowns and then send your Dual Wield flying with a Dark Elf. Doubt it will happen.

    New Hairstyles/adornments/facial features: I couldn't agree more. Out side of Argonain and Khajiit, all races pretty much have the same hair style and adornment options, with few exceptions. I would love to see;
    1) More options
    2) More race specific options.
    (also, I see no reason why these shouldn't be changeable in game)

    New Motifs for armor and weapons: Again, this is a 'yes' from me. I am not interested in other race's motifs, my race's (whatever that race is) is fine. That leaves me with 4 or 5 I am interested in. (From memory) that's my race, Daedric, Dwarven, Primal and Barbaric. We do need more.

    Dragon mounts: I am mixed about this. On one hand it would look awesome, on the other flying would be too OP and walking on a dragon is slower than walking on foot. And from a lore stand point, the dragons are extinct in Tamriel at that time.
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