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Shadora Meanas: Conclave of Shadows (Casual,friendly,Dominion Guild) is recruiting ...

Shadora Meanas: Conclave of Shadows (An Aldmeri Dominion Guild) is recruiting like minded adventurers who are looking for a casual style guild where they can get help, meet new friends, have fun and share their adventures with comrades if they want to. There are no pressures to play often, or at certain times, or take part in activities that they are not interested in. We are a small and growing Guild (currently have 16 members). We follow the Path of Shadow.

Shadora Meanas: Conclave of Shadows rank/roles are -

Guild master - Father Shadow
Raid/Senior Officer - Shadow Knight
Shadow Council (Officer) - Shadow Lord

Following ranks/roles are all equal -

Dragonknight - Shadow Draconus
Templar - Shadow Anvil
Nightblade - Shadow Raptor
Sorceror - Reaper of Shadow

If you are interested in joining please leave your psn name on this thread or send psn message to Ravenheart, Aglaranna, Kaedar or Rumual for in-game invite. If the Guild gets big enough we will also open a Guild Store and look to hire NPC traders.

Thanks for looking.

El Stormrider

The Path of Shadow.
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