Vampire help.. Scammed.

Hey I have been looking for 3 days now all over the rift to find a blood fiend but have yet to have luck, I have visited the vampire shrine and have asked other players if they would be willing to trade a bite for cash. Only had luck with one person and he took my money and ran. Looking for some actual help please, I know there is other forums I have posted there but have not received any replies or assistance. I currently am playing in Ebonheart pact on North American server on the xbox one. My gamer tag is BloodbathO19 (it's a capital o). Thanks in advance for any help or if someone is willing to bite me.
  • ForgottenHeretic
    Just don't pay for bites, if people refused to pay the scammers would be out of business and likely the spawn camping would not be so common
  • skoomaking916
    Ranique wrote: »
    you want my honest advice??

    Stop pursuing to become a vampire for now. The fact that you got scammed means you want it way too much and you are contributing to the hype.

    I know it sounds rude, but I doubt if you truly know what it actually does.

    The issue is that people are way too hyped over it, while, on the console, it is still a rare thing. These kind of issues don't exist on the console cause most people know vampirism is only a minor effect and cause it is not so rare anymore, being more widespread. This will happen in time on the consoles too. So just give it a rest for now. Try it again in a few weeks. There is plenty of time then to test it out properly.

    not everyone wants to wait to finish their build though.
  • Rune_Relic
    Whose to say you wont go scam people as soon as you are bitten ?
    This whole thing has an air of gold farming about it.
    Also ...don't be victim. Anyone charging is despicable anyway.
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    Anything that can be exploited will be exploited
  • Bloodbath019
    Hmm, I appreciate the advice, So far none of this was very helpful. I am aware of the effects vampirism has and what all of it's skill line traits are as well. I am not your average gamer that is just bagging for a bite. I read a few different wiki's and the forum's on here to find out about vampires as well as the werewolfs. I chose that i wanted to be a vampire because i like there skill line better. You can think what you like about me i really don't care i know myself i won't scam others or charge for my bites as i was scammed myself once already and watched several others be scammed waiting at the shrine. Sure there is a big hype about vampires and werewolfs there is about anything these days especially after a new game release and many people will take advantage of that there are multiple people in the rift camping every 20 or 30 feet away from confirmed spawns in groups of 5-20 players. There is also others who just run around aimlessly looking for a blood fiend and also those who wait at the shrine. I done a these for the past 3 nights and i will be going at it again tonight when i get home from work. I just asked for some honest help and yet like majority of the people out there no one was willing to help. thank you tho i appreciate it.
  • ForgottenHeretic
    The best thing you could do is to join a guild with vampires in, there are several offering free bites to guild members, though you will likely still have to wait a while for a bite due to the cool down being a week long. I am waiting to be bitten myself but while I wait I have been out looking for bloodfiends as well and just found big groups like you say, I have been to the shrine but there are just people charging there or turning friends/guild mates. Unfortunately there is little help to be had about this unless you can find someone who doesn't charge or get lucky and find an NPC with no vampire hunters around
  • Nestor
    I read a few different wiki's and the forum's on here to find out about vampires as well as the werewolfs. I chose that i wanted to be a vampire because i like there skill line better.

    So you have all your Fire Resist Rings and Necklace ready then? As a Vampire, you are running around in gasoline soaked clothing and most NPCs use Fire Attacks.

    Becoming a Vampire takes time, and it's not easy. You can try to short cut it by paying for bites, but as you can see, that is not going to work out. I mean, your doing business with a blood sucking leach, you should not be surprised you were scammed. Being scammed for bites is all over the boards too.

    Good advice was given to you in this thread, join a Vampires Guild. You might even get some help with the quests and leveling the skills.

    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

    PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"
    Gary Gravestink "I am glad you died, I needed the help"

  • ZOS_Racheal
    Greetings @Bloodbath019 ,

    We are closing this thread because we've already created individual threads for players on each console server to coordinate these bites. Our hope is that this will make it easier for those interested in acquiring and/or spreading vampirism and lycanthropy to do just that. Please use the thread for your console and server to post what you're looking for or find willing victims.

    Xbox One - NA
    Xbox One - EU
    PlayStation 4 - NA
    PlayStation 4 - EU

    PC users can still locate the Megathread for making requests HERE.

    Additionally, we don’t allow trading or selling on the forums, so if you’re looking for a bite, or what to offer, it needs to be a free exchange. Thanks!
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