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LF Werewolf bite $$

Soul Shriven
Looking to get bite buy a werewolf willing to pay half first other half after ( Reason why don't feel like getting scammed again). Plez an Thank you ^^
-Xbox one
-GT EG WarBound
-Xbox One-
-GT EG WarBound
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  • ZOS_ArtG
    Based on all the requests we've seen posted by folks looking for vampire/werewolf bites, we've created individual threads for players on each console server to coordinate these bites. Our hope is that this will make it easier for those interested in acquiring and/or spreading vampirism and lycanthropy to do just that. Please use the thread for your console and server to post what you're looking for or find willing victims. :) Additionally, we don’t allow trading or selling on the forums, so if you’re looking for a bite, or what to offer, it needs to be a free exchange.

    Thanks, everyone!
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