Is there any real point to using a Melee Weapon in a Magicka-focused Build?

Don't you lose out on a whole lot of damage by not focusing on Stamina?

why would a Magicka type not just go dual Staff?

I would like to go with a DW/Restoration Staff combo as it fits the concept of my character that I've come up with, but I am concerned that I am just wasting a weapon slot by not being a Stamina build.
  • Naitakal
    Soul Shriven
    There actually is a point in using melee weapons as a magicka build as the damage value from a weapon is the base for both weapon and spell damage. Since 2H and even more DW offer the highest damage value you would benefit from that.

    There are drawbacks though as well.

    Weapon skills will be weak so you would probably not use them at all. Also only a melee magicka build would still be able to weave light/heavy attacks.
  • ctt13
    Well some classes like dragon-knight could be used for a magicka focused build as there is a great deal of fire and spell casting going on. However to use it effectively you need to get close to enemies, which is somewhere where a staff is useless.

    Also some enemies ROLF STOMP you if you are using a staff, such as in pvp. A dragon-knight can pull you towards them for example. Werewolves, just leap at you. If you have a sword, you at least have a chance to fend them off in close range combat.
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