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A few questions for PS4 console play

Soul Shriven
Okay so first of all I am new here and I apologize if one or more of these questions is located on a FAQ. Was just hoping to get some quick helpful answers to issues I've been having.

1) Is there any way to pause the game and look at a map? The only time I see a map of any kind is when I visit a wayshrine. It is kinda irritating only being able to navigate around with a compass.

2) How do I find a fence to sell my stolen items to? I know they exist, but I haven't come across any so far. I'm in the Ebonheart Pact Stonefell area right now.

3) How do I hotkey multiple items? As of right now I can press up on the d-pad to use a health potion but I can't get it to work so that stamina and magic potions are on there too.
  • OzJohnD
    1) Map - the controller pad single press (holding it down calls your mount)

    2) Fence is in an outlaw hideout under your starting city. If you can't find it you will be laughed at by the town's beggars.

    3) Out of combat you can assign different consumables to different quick slots (via your Inventory item options - Assign is square by default if I remember correctly) ... you have one available from a quick press of your d-pad up key but holding your d-pad up key will bring up the quick slot wheel so you can have something else prioritised to your instant quick slot key for consumption

    ps ... in ESO Options you can see what each of your controller keys do and you can change controller layouts as well

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  • Gar_the_Orc
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks brother! This helps a lot!
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