Alchemy Problems :( .. Columbine.

Soul Shriven
I have seen this post before, but dont remember where it was.

I did the first part of the alchemy quest where you have to get the columbine, mountain flower, and water. I guess i dropped the quest and went to get it again.
Well now it doesn't even show me where the 3 spots were. I have been searching for hours. Any advice by chance? or am i going to have to keep exploring?

Thanks in advance
  • CHESTY45
    I would just keep questing and keep an eye out for the 3 ingredients.
  • JKorr
    I think those spots only show up for that quest.

    Any columbine, mountain flower, and water of the right level will work. If you can't find them where the quest started before, look around and find them where you can.
  • Badgerthechef
    I have Some Columbine If Your Still After It Mate?
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