Stuck in levelling

I'm stuck, and it's driving me nuts. I've been VR8 for months--since a little before the Justice System came out at least. Now, granted, I only have 2-3 days a week that I can play, but still. It feels like my XP bar hasn't moved in ages. Each time I find or hear about a decent spot to grind or a decent set of dungeons, it's dead. I really just want to get to VR14 so can I focus on my tradeskills or RP.

Where/how do I level quickly? I'm too dumb to MMO. ~_~ Haaaalp!
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    Did you complete everything? All dolmens, world boss, dungeons, Craglorn quests, Cyrodil quests and delves? Check your achievement tab for holes of anything you missed. All these give good XP the first time you do them. Also, ther is an add-on called Quest Map that will help you find some out of the way quests you may have missed. If you are VR8, and none of the above is helpful, best grinding would be against the VR10 mobs in your last zone or Cyrodil delves.
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    If tradeskills and RP is your plan, don't worry about getting to VR14, just focus on what you want to do.
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