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Crown Store Illusion Spells Idea

I have a suggestion for the Crown store, and hopefully it's not a terribly unpopular idea: A book of illusion spells.

What I mean, is a Crown store item, say 2500 crowns, that grants you a new line of spells such as:

- Transform your Winged Twilight/Twilight Matriarch into a Harpy/Harpy Matriarch
- Transform your mount into a totally different species (something that's not already a mount. Like maybe a riding dog)
- Change your pet similar to the above; perhaps a duneripper or a goat
- Change the colour of your spells and abilities, like having purple arcane energy in place of lightning bolts with shock magic

I think this could be fun, maybe with a few limitations: The spells have a one week cooldown, and you can only cast one at a time.

I suggest this, because I think having a harpy following you around would be more interesting then that ugly old Winged Twilight, and adding the other schools of magicka would help flesh out the world. But again, just a suggestion! And I say this as a Sorcerer, I'm not familiar with the other classes, but I'm sure something could be added that would benefit them in the same ways. It would all be purely cosmetic but help add some individuality for players.
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