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vampirism help PC NA

Ive been playing since before this game was released and have several characters with Veteran rank so i would like to try werewolf and vampire. I went to the vampire shrine and got a character bitten so it is now a werewolf. But im having trouble getting a character bitten as a vampire. Could anyone help? Also once i have a character bitten is there any way to share that with any of my other characters? Or do they each need to be bitten individually. Also is there any way to get this ability early in the game?
Thanks for your help.
  • likelolwhat

    Which Alliance is the character you want to be a vamp? I believe Lady Zahra's timer is up. I can give you her strain for free. She is DC however, so if your character is EP or AD I can't help.

    As for your questions, you'd have to get each character bitten separately. And the only way to get it early in the game is to group with someone in the last Alliance zone (Bangkorai, Reaper's March or the Rift), travel to them to unlock the nearest wayshrine, and have them protect you on the way to the altar.

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  • Menegroth
    Vampirism can be acquired at any level. You just need to get the infection from the appropriate mob at a high level zone, which you can get to fairly easily at any level even without a horse or get bitten by another player.

    Completing the quest is another issue though. I've only found conflicting information about it. Some people say the vampire quest scale down only to lvl 38 and some people say it scales down to lvl 12, like the werewolf one.

    Still, people have completed the vampire quests with lvl 6 characters:
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  • Texwa
    Hi an update. I managed to find someone to bite me at level 3 and went to see lamae bal but when i tried to kill the level 38 assassins i didnt have a chance. Not sure what level i should try again.
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