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Aristocrats pve/pvp guild recruiting lvl 30^ Dungeons & pvp active and friendly and chilled

Soul Shriven
New guild recruting lvl 30^ we run dugeons alot fri-sun start at 2:00pm eastern time we pvp mon-wedns 2:00 eastern time
We have werewolves and vampires lookin to bite ( there is wait time ) bite for free
We also work hard to buidl bonds with all memebers in the guild
We have many people who craft
If you sre interested in a new guild that uphold to these things feel free to message me @Thund3rinf3rnoz on psn
We are Daggerfall covenant NA/PS4
I would like to see you soon im the leader im Veteran rank 5 so if have sny questions ask

Message me saying #JoinGuild
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