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(XB1) Looking for a roleplay guild.

I want to begin roleplaying. I have loads of experience roleplaying on forums, though never TES roleplay. I might be rusty at first but it's something I love to do. I get on almost every day, and would like to roleplay that often, but want a guild that's flexible on how often they want me on because I have a three year old and sometimes things just come up.

I pretty much have a character of every race except Nord and Orc. My main is a Bosmer NIghtblade thief that was turned into a vampire. Gentle Storm. If any of you have played Sims, she's like my simself. Looks as similar to myself as I could possibly get her for her race, well besides the vampire skin and eyes. her personality is everything I want to be combined with everything I am. Brave, deadly, calculating, humorous, creative, romantic, and intelligent. Though she also has some of my more annoying traits. She's bossy, impatient with stupid people, has a quick temper that flares and burns out very fast, and kind of has a social disorder. Not knowing when she's accidentally insulted someone. She follows the Green Pact, but approaches that subject of discussion humorously to ease the tension with outsiders, adopting the name Cannibal Tree Hippies endearingly for her carnivorous, tree protecting people.

If anyone has a roleplay guild that would be interested in allowing me to join, I would very much appreciate it.
"We, the Bosmer do hereby sign this treaty...for we are too full to eat another bite."
  • Evi1_An9e1
    I am also looking for a role play guild with either my dunmer nightblade or my khajiit nightblade, the latter is an escaped slave from a great house in morrowind.
  • Dante_Ravenkin
    I've never roleplayed in an MMO before, but I'm a long time D&D player (DM). I'm also looking for a roleplay guild on XB1 if you're willing ot be patient with me and allow me to quietly observe how things are done. My character is a Breton Sorcerer in the Daggerfall Covenant. A little bit about my character can be found here: http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/181597/who-are-you#latest

    Xbox One Gamertag: Dante Ravenkin or in game mail me (if it's working)


    @CannibalTreeHippies I enjoy how fleshed out you have your character concept! You sound interesting. ...for a Bosmer. :P
    'This throne is arguably the most uncomfortable piece of furniture in the Kingdom. And I get to use it.'
  • arhude11
    Soul Shriven
    Hello. I'm looking to start a to guild and I'm looking for people to join.

    My guild is called the Order of the Broken House and we are a loose collection of adventures who have been exiled / left the ways of the great houses. Currently I'm playing a Lvl 25 Dunmer Dragonknight and my wife is a Lvl 25 Bosmer Nightblade. I'm looking for any who's up for light to mid rp. I have some rp skills (D&D and W.O.W.), but am a little rusty myself. If you are interested, please feel free to let me know. My gamer tag is Smashley 11 and we play on NA server.

    Thanks and hope to see you soon.
  • OrphanHelgen
    I am sorry to interrupt the conversation, but what is exactly role playing? What do you do? Do you write stories and /emotes and stuff? Where in tamriel do you meet and stuff, or is it in guild chat only? Im a bit confused :smile:
    PC, EU server, Ebonheart Pact

    Finally a reason not to play League of Legends
  • Evi1_An9e1
    You can do in game chat but most I've seen are forum based mixed with in game play
  • CodoXD
    Soul Shriven
    Hello there. i am codo i am looking for players that want to roleplay and if all of you would like to join me id be very happy to recruit you all i am on the xb1 NA server EP and we allow all players from there race made up back story's and we also like players to feel different from others by having specific jobs from collecting iron. finding jute and many more things if your a thief welcome we would like you to steal for us and get us money so we can grow haha. most importantly we want all players to respect one another in and out of the guild and were casual fun and if some players want to do pve, pvp, anything we allow it in this guild and we want players TO ROLEPLAY to make this game more of a community than it is O:) thank you and i hope you join to enjoy
  • CodoXD
    Soul Shriven
    my gt is codoXD
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