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Aldmeri Guild for PVE and Raiding.

Hi everyone,

Several friends and myself are looking for a guild for PVE and dungeon crawling, we pvp a lot and are in the top 10 every week, but we want to start doing more PVE. We already have a guild set up and so if you want to join message me in game @ Nashin93.

If you already have a similar guild, also message me as we'd love to join!!!
  • Nashin93

    We are accepting all levels, we are Vet Rank 3 at the moment but have lvls 1-50 also to help lowbee's out.
  • Veejay72
    Soul Shriven
    PSN: dmveejay
  • Zoharr
    Soul Shriven
  • Firmage86
    Soul Shriven
    PSN Firmage86. Got the game when it first came to ps4 but never really gave it chance. Just restarted and looking for a guild for dungeons, trading etc.
  • Zorn97
    Add me please
    Psn Zorn97
  • xRichh94
    I'm up for it if you do trials? But I really don't do pvp.
  • MithrellasGaldhon
    Soul Shriven
    An invite would be appreciated
    Lvl 45 khajit templar
    Psn: Gandalfsbuddy
  • IxxiKuro
    Check out my post about SSG recruiting (min age to join is 25).
    We are AD adult Social guild focused on PVE, we have sister guild that is part of WGA and does trials.

    If interested PSN me Hestia7399.

    If interested in joining Trials guild PSN Sevicion.
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