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Estimated Waiting Period For Crowns to Appear

Soul Shriven
It's been 2 weeks since I bought 3000 crowns to buy a Guar mount in ESO and they still haven't appeared. After trying numerous things (logging out, reinstalling the game, asking customer support) there still is no sign of them appearing. So can anyone tell me the estimated turn around for crowns to appear. IS anyone else in the same boat as I am, doomed to hoofing (PUN :D ) it around on foot like a lowly PEON until I get enough gold to buy a horse from the knackers yard. Or have your mighty wallets struck true and your crowns appeared like the anchors of Molag Bal (pretty much after a while but not instantly)

Regail me with tales of your achievements and skirmishes with Customer Support, tell me truly, how long hast thou been waiting for CROWNS
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