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[XB1] Streamers Welcome! Arsekik'r the Tiger Tanking Templar!!

Arsekik'r is an elder Khajiit who has seen his fair share of troubled times and has carried more burdens with him in his lifetime than he wishes for anyone. Arsekik'r was once a feared, but respected Black Market trader of the Alik'r Desert, but after doing business with a Dark Elf-that he suspected of being bad news-he was forced to leave town. After leaving the Alik'r with what he could carry on his horse, Arsekik'r set off to Kenarthi's Roost to meet with an Associate of his that has informed Arsekik'r of a profitable, yet dangerous business opportunity in a small Moon-Sugar farming community. After months of setting up his own empire with the help his associate/business partner Razum-Dar, Arsekik'r and Razum both are put into a sticky situation when a local Kingpin 'Hazak' is threatening to take them out by anonymously alerting the Mistral Guard of their illegal business. Arksekik'r has no choice but to assassinate Hazak to protect the small, wealthy cashflow he's amassed. But the problem didn't end at Hazak. Little did Arsekik'r know that Hazak had a pre-paid bounty being held elsewhere for whoever kills the murderer of Hazak. During the dark of two nights after Hazak's death, Arsekik'r wakes up to flame and smoke and realizes that somebody has set his house on fire along with everything he owned. He grabs what little Skooma he has left and is forced to leave Kenarthi's Roost with less than what he came there with. Arsekik'r and Razum-Dar adventure from city to city throughout the Dominion territory looking for a new place to call home until finding a storage building with high potential for a type of Headquarters in hopes of recreating a cashflow and amassing an empire of Skooma peddlers while doing it right this time. After long thought Arsekik'r and Razum-Dar piece together the fundamentals of how an organized crew should be and came to the following conclusion:


Boss- (Arsekik'r, Razum-Dar)
General- Any member that makes major progress with expanding the family and increasing cashflow
Capo- Any member that is at Least lvl 30 and has done his/her fair share for the family.
Soldier- Any lvl 10+ member of the family.
Associate- Any member under lvl 10.

Initiation into the newfound family requires the distribution of Skooma, or the collection of debts for the family (Using the 'Give' or 'Pay Me' Emotes on nearby NPC's and Idle Players). Then returning the collected money to either the Boss or any of the family Generals.

Everything is recorded by me, all action, funny moments, and initiation quests/ceremonies are constantly being edited to be pieced together for a Highlight film covering the Adventures of Arsekik'r and the growth of a new, soon the be feared empire 'High Tails'.
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