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LF Graphic designer.

Im in desperate need of a Graphic Designer as my usual has just got married and is somewhere half way across the world. My guild 'Malicious Intentions' is due to release its BETA version of the website, but it still has the place holder graphics I used while tweaking its php. The website dashboard will consist of tiles of 150x150 pixels and 300x150 tiles, much like the xbox dashboard.

Im unsure about payment, but im sure we could figure something out if required :smiley: Or, if you want a perm role as our guilds in house graphic designer and join as a part of our guild, then that would be perfect. We are currently leveling inboth vets and under 50s, but all levels are welcome aslong as your on Aldmeri and on the NA server. :blush:

Thanks in advance :)

PS: The beta site is located @ www.MaliciousIntentions.us - However, its far from complete :smiley:
GT: DeadSkiniviask
Oppressive Ideology AD
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