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Where to find leather?

Im at the point where I can craft with leather but I have no idea where to go to get it and dont really wanna trade for it id rather farm it so I need the following info please:

Animals that tend to drop the unrefined leather.

Please help
Thank you
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  • stefan.gustavsonb16_ESO
    Any animals in the second zone drop leather scraps. You just need to move on to the next part of the map.
  • MissBizz
    The same animals you kill for rawhide.. but the next zone.

    Crafting materials drop according to the zone level in which you are killing animals.

    So mudcrabs/wolves/animals in general in your second zone (grahtwood, Deshaan, or Stormhaven) should drop leather (well, the unrefined version)
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  • OzJohnD
    believe it or not mudcrabs are a good source of raw materials for leather crafting ... get into the habit of killing things in travel between places
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  • Elephant42
    My standard procedure whenever I need Medium Armour materials, is to find a nice long beach in a zone at the level for which you want the armour, and then just cruise from one end of the beach to the other, killing all the mudcrabs on the way.
  • JJBaboon
    If your up for living dangerously you can also steal leather armor from the various shops and then break it down for material. You don't need to launder it in order to use it or crafting material and it respawns in the shops very quickly. Once you have a few points in unraveling you will also get more craft material as well and as an added bonus deconstruction also level your craft at the same time. The only downside is what you steal is based off of your current level, so if you aren't leveling your character then you won't steal any higher teir items until you do.
  • Zigomar7
    Soul Shriven
    what are the zone 1, 2... ???
  • Zigomar7
    Soul Shriven
    I've been to Auridon, Deshaan, Skyrim... I get only Foul hide !
  • SeaGtGruff
    Zigomar7 wrote: »
    what are the zone 1, 2... ???

    That's no longer necessary; you can kill animals anywhere and 50% of the time they'll drop whatever type of Medium Armor material you've upgraded your Tailoring skill in Clothing to, and the other 50% of the time they'll drop whatever corresponds to your character's level. For instance, if you're L50 CP150 then you'll get Rubedo Hide Scraps 50% of the time, but if your Tailoring skill only lets you craft up to Leather then you'll get Leather Scraps 50% of the time.

    But to answer your question:
    - Starter zone(s) = Khenarthi's Roost (AD); Stros M'kai and Betnihk (DC); Bleakrock Isle and Bal Foyen (EP)
    - Zone 1 = Auridon (AD); Glenumbra (DC); Stonefalls (EP)
    - Zone 2 = Grahtwood (AD); Stormhaven (DC); Deshaan (EP)
    - Zone 3 = Greenshade (AD); Rivenspire (DC); Shadowfen (EP)
    - Zone 4 = Malabal Tor (AD); Alik'r Desert (DC); Eastmarch (EP)
    - Zone 5 = Reaper's March (AD); Bangkorai (DC); The Rift (EP)

    The "zone numbers" are mostly irrelevant as far as character levels since (I think) One Tamriel, but they do continue to have some relevance in the following ways:
    - Each alliance's storyline progresses through that alliance's zones in sequence-- starter, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
    - The questlines for the Main Quest, Fighters Guild, and Mages Guild begin in zone 1.
    - The Main Quest, Fighters Guild, and Mages Guild storylines also follow that sequence of zones, although the start zones are not really included in those.
    - The capital city of each alliance is located in zone 2 of that alliance.
    - The three craftable sets which have set stations in the base game zones are the same for each alliance-- that is, AD zone 1 has the same craftable sets as DC zone 1 and EP zone 1, and likewise for the zone 2 craftable sets, the zone 3 craftable sets, and so on.
    - Once you complete the Fighters Guild questline, the portal to the Earth Forge will be in the Fighters Guildhall that's located in the main city of zone 5.
    - If you're interested in becoming a Vampire or Werewolf in the "natural" way, by getting infected by the special mobs who can infect you, those mobs only spawn in zone 5, which is also where the associated shrines are located.

    There might be other ways that the old "zone numbers" are still relevant, but those are the only ways I can think of right now.
    Zigomar7 wrote: »
    I've been to Auridon, Deshaan, Skyrim... I get only Foul hide !

    That's one of the things that bugs me about Medium Armor crafting materials-- the animals you kill don't always drop scraps for the Medium Armor crafting materials. You'll just have to keep trying. By the way, you can go back to the starter zones and hunt animals there; they will respawn more quickly, and since the zones are smaller it's pretty easy to just run around killing animals for as long as you can stand it.

    Edit: The sequence of zones is also relevant to version 1 of the base game dungeons, so the character levels at which you become eligible to queue for the various base game dungeons more or less coincides with the character levels you were expected to have while you were progressing through the various base game zones and subzones before One Tamriel.

    Edit 2: Did you mean Foul Hide, or perhaps Fell Hide? Foul Hide is a trash item that you sell to NPC merchants, but Fell Hide is the Medium Armor crafting material for L46-L50. When you're leveling your character and your crafting skills, you need to be careful not to upgrade the skills which determine the highest level of material you can craft with if you've still got crafting writs for the lower tiers of naterials, since upgrading the skills might make it impossible for you to find any more materials in the wild for your old writs. If that does happen, you'll need to abandon those writs so you can grab new ones that match up with your current crafting levels, or buy the required materials from Guild Traders if you no longer have enough of your own, or ask in zone chat if someone would be so kind as to send you enough of whatever type of material you're lacking.
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    I've fought mudcrabs more fearsome than me!
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