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Xbox One RP Guild - The Seventy-Third Legion

The Seventy-Third Imperial Legion has been called together by the great and wise Emperor Octavius Dashus, true and rightful ruler of the Empire, to reclaim Cyrodiil from chaos. But the Seventy-Third Legion, sometimes called the "X73", is more than a mere army. It is a movement, one which all the people of Tamriel, of all professions, are welcome to join. Whether citizen or soldier, mage or warrior, all who support the revival of the honorable Legion of old, a Legion of the people under wise leadership, must stand together as one. For justice! For honor! FOR THE EMPIRE!

That's right, folks, we're doing this! As of the time I write this, we already have 93 members. "Seventy-Third Legion" is the guild name. NA server, primarily Daggerfall Covenant. Send a message to "Nikolai Keyes", our Legatus, for additional info or an invite.

Emperor Dashus is far too busy plotting and fighting with his men on the lines to handle recruiting. But if you're running an RP guild, in the Daggerfall Covenant or elsewhere, and you're looking to form partnerships, contact "Dash x73".

Some of you might wonder how this works, how we can run a voice-based social RP without a chatbox. Well, in the same manner that porcupines mate: very carefully. Ultimately, it just demands a slightly different set of skills. A bit of voice acting helps, but it's not strictly necessary. The ability to improvise is more important. But like always, the most important things are knowing the lore of the world, learning the stories of the other players, and weaving them all together as you go. The essence of what makes RP fun is all still there, and we're capturing it in the Seventy-Third Legion.

Unruly mics can interfere, but we roll with it, people fall in line, and things can end up more dynamic and engaging as a result. You have to simply ignore some stuff, but that's always going to be the case no matter where you RP. And when/if ZOS enhances methods of communicating in the console versions, it can only improve things for us.

We'll soon have a regular schedule of RP events, ranging from mostly scripted events to unplanned RP socials. Holiday celebrations, more training sessions, meetings related to crafting and the disbursement of loot, military campaigns, and other activities, no doubt with many surprises along the way. Beyond that, the All Members 1 channel of the guild chat is reserved for RP use only.

Smaller groups can form unscheduled activities and play them out there as they see fit, or individuals can pop in on the fly and see what happens. It's hilarious, sometimes brilliant, and always entertaining.

Obviously, there's a lot more riffing and general ridiculousness than what some text-based RPers may be used to. But it's also a lot of laughs. We've already been on recruiting drives, had training sessions, and done PvP in Cyrodiil, all in-character, and all pretty lore-friendly thus far. The leadership believes keeping things lore-friendly is a near-sacred responsibility. But make no mistake, while our primary purpose is RP, this is a functional RP group: members are encouraged to donate, craft, help each other out, and in return receive help in the field, even armor, salaries, etc. People get out of it what they put into it, both in terms of their RP efforts and their gaming decisions. We're dedicated to giving you an awesome gaming experience, and while the RP is our biggest priority, it's not our only priority.

Other channels are used for various sub-factions, general OOC chat, or help channels as needed. We're setting up a reddit to help organize things, and may get a dedicated IRC set up. We're still very interested in any and all input newer members can give us.

I look forward to seeing you in Tamriel ... even though I may call you an n'wah and threaten to poison you.
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