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[PS4/NA Server] Aldmeri Dominion Alliance RP Group

I'm not new to roleplaying but i wish to hear what you think of an idea i have.

I've been thinking of opening an RP community for Dominions on the North US Servers, we would have a forum with Shopkeepers, the Army, the 'Royal' Alliance and other Roles in which you can trade (instead of using the in game shops) you can trade with people in game in the community. There would be sections for each shop, army ect where you could post items you need, people to help with quests and your character bios.

It would be based on Life in Elder Strolls Online, normal and PvP, We would be based in normal mode but the army would be placed in PvP to protect the settlements ect. It would be an open Community community but to join properly you would have to apply on our forum. I would need 2 other people to help me.

1 Would run the Army (General)
1 would run the 'Royal' Alliance

so what would each 'department' do?
The army would be used to protect areas that we deem ours. They would also go in PvP and protected and attack other alliances building, they would also protect the Royal Leaders. The army would be based on Home Defence which 1 Captain would run, the infantry regiment (attackers) which another Captain would run and the Head Quarters which the General would run. The HQ would run all the operations and pull in if needed.

The 'Royal' Alliance would lead given in normal mode and PvP such as Elder Root. They would also host special RP events such as Parties. The name could change, I've not yet decided.

The 'Shopkeepers' would buy and sell items to other RPers in normal and PvP. If a player choices to become a Shopkeeper they would only be able to pick one department such as Amorer, Chef, Weapon-smith, Enchanter or Tailor. To become one of these would have to apply, if accepted it would become an company which you can employ people. There would be a set maximum of Companies depending on how many 'Shopkeepers' we had.

The 'General' Alliance Community would be normal RPers who would wish to be a normal citizen in ESO.

The only requirements would be that you are able to RP, Be in the Dominion alliance and be on PS4. I've ran RP Communities before and I also know how to run things like this correctly. I just would like to know if anyone would be interested. I would also add any ideas that members of this forum think of. If you are interested please add me on PSN - iJoshhyy , I'm on most days.

Please feel free to add any suggestions or thoughts.

Thank you for reading.
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