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PlayStation 4 NA – Seeking/Offering Vampire or Werewolf Bite

  • Seoul_Teamwork
    Offering free bites until further notice
    5 Werewolf characters (Two still need leveling), 2 Vampires (Vampires aren't fully leveled to bite others yet)
    Bites are on cool down for 7 days per character

    PSN: An_Astro_C40
    (A lot easier to contact me here)

    Server: NA


    Character Name: Seoulteamwork
    Alliance: Access to all (Note, this is the only one I have that can do AD alliance)

    Character Name: Coutney M
    Alliance: Daggerfall

    Character Name: Dixie Knormus
    Alliance: Ebonheart

    unLeveled WW's

    Character Name: Seoul Wolf A
    Alliance: Ebonheart

    Character Name: Seoul Wolf B

    unLeveled Vampires

    Character Name: Thedevilwearssatan
    Alliance: Daggerfall

    Character Name: Imstillintheair (My main right now so should be available for bites soon-ish)
    Alliance: Ebonheart
  • Ax412
    Lf vamp bite

    Psn: Asmodeus_devas
    Toon: Asmodeus Devas
    Ebonheart-dark elf-necro
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