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Character names not retaining capital letters.

I named my primary character "LegendarySyn" with no spaces. During character creation it displayed the capital S, so I had no reason to suspect there would be an issue. I just noticed in game that it shows up as Legendarysyn, which is just stupid looking. I wouldn't have opted to use that name without that capital S and there doesn't appear to be a way to fix that. So my issue has two parts:

1. Why does it let you put in capital letters if it is going to opt not to use them?
2. Can someone in tech support go in and give me back my capital letter?

I'd rather not have to delete and start again, but that name is just dumb without the capitalization. Ugh.
  • LegendarySyn
    Forget it, I deleted and recreated the character with a name the game couldn't eff up.
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