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How I recover my treasure maps

Soul Shriven
I logged on and Put the code for my explores pack etc treasure maps and my pet. But my character glitches, so I started again, but when i started again I went to looked at my inventory the treasure maps weren't there but my pet was there and everything else was they plz help
  • driosketch
    You needed to have the first character put the maps on the bank first. If you deleted the character that had them in their inventory they are gone. The pet is in the collection menu, not the character's inventory. Maybe support can get them back for you, that would be your only option.
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  • Nestor
    Do you still have the containers?

    Note, until you can get to the zones for the maps, keep them in the containers. They will eat up all your bag slots. I ended up throwing out all my maps because of this.

    Also, you get will get the maps again as you play the game, so even if you do throw them out now, you will get them later.

    But, look for the containers first, open them, and then take out only the maps for the zone you can get to.
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  • Georgee_M8
    Soul Shriven
    Ok thank you all for the help
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