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Private Lobbies

Soul Shriven
I believe that ESO should create an option for private servers or at least smaller ones for those who wish to not travel to a site and fight a boss with fifteen random people. The experience should not just be on a massive scale, but should be about adventuring with friends and sharing great experiences. Going into a battle where you hit the enemy once and he dies because fourteen other people all hit him at the same time is not much of an experience.
  • Rosveen
    There are already shards within the megaserver, you don't see everyone at once. And it will not be an issue in the long run. It's so crowded now because everyone except transfers is in low level zones, but give it some time and people will spread out (or leave, as it often happens within the first few weeks).
  • BigDQuick
    Soul Shriven
    So if I understand you correctly, once people start to level up they will be split into different servers depending on their level or will they just venture off into different lands? Also when I group up with friends is their a way to set everyone to the same quest no matter if they pick it up or have already done it, or does everyone just have to pick up the quest and go do it?
  • Qyrk
    You need to be on the same page of the quest to do it together.

    For open world - world bosses, it is not instanced. If you want to kill a boss, go to a dungon (Group Dungeon) that is limited to four people.
  • MissBizz
    People will level up at different rates, so yes, they will spread out due to some leveling faster than others. When that starts to happen you won't have the issue you're currently experiencing. :)
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