Thank you for your interest in Imperial Trading Company (ITC), one of the most successful PS4 trading guilds around. If you are dedicated to selling through a very popular guild store and can keep 30 items listed at all times, then ITC may be the guild for you.

While we are always running ~500 members, I continue to honorably discharge inactive peddlers/traders to make room for more active merchants. This means that I routinely monitor guild sales and players that are unfamiliar to me (those that do not sell enough to stand out) may be honorably discharged until such a time that they can reasonably contribute to the longevity of this merchant organization. One way to demonstrate activity is through our weekly suggested donation, but there are NO FEES REQUIRED.

If you remain interested, drop your name to be added to the waiting list.

Thank you,
Edited by Elhanan on February 8, 2016 1:59AM
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