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ESOMerchant - A place for crafters and people wanting something crafted.

Soul Shriven
Hi everyone,

I was recommended to write a small post about a project of mine, ESOMerchant.com.

What is it?
It's a website where you can sign up, type in what professions you have, traits, motifs and so on. Others (if you allow it) can then find you in the search, when they want something made which your profile says you can.
You can also create guild sites, eg. "mre.esomerchant.com", and it will then only show/search the crafters within that specific guild.
If you want something crafted, you type in the details you need, like profession, item, level, item set and so on. It will show you a list of crafters who are able to craft the specific item you need. You can then submit a request to that user and you can negotiate a price using the build in system. Once done, both you and the crafter can rate each other (positive or negative), so others can see if they are dealing with a recommended crafter/client.

The site is in English, but German translation is about 85% done (special thanks to @Monahven for helping me!), and French will follow later.

Are my account details secure?
When you sign up, you will notice that there are no "password" input box. This is because I have made the website use "Password-less login". Basically, every time you want to login, you type in your username and email, an authentication link (one-time use, or one with a 30 day expiry - your choice via your settings) will be sent to the email bound to your account. Is this secure? As secure as your email account is.

Since i will be storing ESO usernames and emails, and people tend to use the same passwords, emails etc for most things, I decided to use password-less logins. But, I also use the TNO (Trust No One) approach on emails. Each email is encrypted in the database, and I do not have the key. Only the correct combination of the login details can be used to decrypt the email for that specific account, so not even I would be able to tell you which email you signed up with if you forget.

Is this 100% secure and hacker proof? Of cause not, there is no such thing. But I am doing what I can to try make ESOMerchant something not even worth trying to break into. However I am of cause doing my best to make sure that wont happen.

Is it free? WIll there be ads?
ESOMerchant is free and will always be free. There will be no ads or anything like that. The only thing which potentially could get added later would be a way to say "thanks" via a donation button maybe...not likely. I am not doing this for money, but because I love creating things which can be helpful to others.

Sounds cool, but I found a bug.. or 3
Well done! Please submit a bug report via the top-right drop down when you are signed in. Please include as many details as possible so I can hunt those darn bugs down!

If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas just let me know.

  • MrE
    Soul Shriven
    I can see I forgot to make the website name a link so I will just post it here:

    ESO Merchant.com can be found at http://www.esomerchant.com.

    Consoles are added as well - so you can use this for your console guilds also.. or just for the console in general.

    Edited by MrE on June 10, 2015 8:26AM
  • Monahven
    Soul Shriven

    For anyone using the German version of the site, please let me know if you find any mistakes or weird translations so we can correct them!

    Thanks! <3
    Server: PC NA

    Screenshots and little bits of RP: https://twitter.com/JoahnaSahir

    Rajhin's luck be with you, walker.
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