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Official Discussion Thread for "Battlemaster’s Corner – The Bloodleach Slayer"

This is the official discussion thread for the web article, "Battlemaster’s Corner – The Bloodleach Slayer."
Our latest featured ESOTU player build is the Bloodleach Slayer, a sturdy Nightblade tank that you'll want leading the charge. It boasts sustainable survivability through a slew of life-tapping abilities, high combat health recovery, and moderate damage output capabilities.

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  • PhatGrimReaper
    I would be interested to know what content has been tanked with this build?
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  • miklawceb17_ESO
    The use of impenetrable traited gear would suggest pvp... but even then, there seem to be a bunch of odd choices all over the place. I also don't think you can efficiently light weave in pvp the way it currently is :) Sounds cool on paper, i just don't see what exactly would the build excell at in any aspect of the game. In short, i'm confused.
  • Berserkerkitten
    Nobody cares about your endless list of terribly-named characters.
  • xdisasterx
    Soul Shriven
    Leach: to be removed from a substance by a liquid passing through the substance.
    It's referring to the action of blood being pulled out of the body.

    This build is excellent for solo PvE. You'll kill things more slowly, but you'll be nigh unkillable.

    Doesn't work we'll for PvP at all, as it relies on making melee attacks and people move around alot.
    Also, it lacks a gap-closer for PvP.

    Can be use in tanking for a group, but I would suggest swapping out the DW for sword & board.
    And swap blood craze for pierce armor or ransack.

    Running around questing this build s very fun, solo'ing a VR10 dolmen is no prob with this build.
    I've even solo'ed delves in lower & upper Craglorn, with this build.
    It's pretty fun to fight a group of 10-15 mobs your own level and watch your health, magicka, and stamina bar barely even move.
  • xdisasterx
    Soul Shriven
    Also I've found as far as the armor goes, I now run:
    4 Whitestrake's retribution / 1 orgnum's scales

    Then weapons:
    2 orgnum's scales (primary) /
    1 orgnum's scales, 1 whitestrake's retribution (secondary)

    Doing this will consistently give you a 4 piece bonus from both sets.

    If you decide to go with the Vampire's kiss, i would go with:
    3 vampire's kiss / 3 whitestrake's retribution /
    1 unassailable

    Then weapons:
    2 vampire's kiss (primary) / 2 whitestrake's retribution (secondary)

    The 4 piece bonus from Unassailable + vampire's kiss will give you a
    12% healing taken bonus when using Swallow Soul. That is huge.
  • xdisasterx
    Soul Shriven
    Correction on upper set:
    4 Whitestrake's retribution / 3 orgnum's scales

  • p_tsakirisb16_ESO
    Quick question, how much is your health regen while in combat?
  • xdisasterx
    Soul Shriven
    I have since been working on a new tank build for NB, but if i remember correctly, at VR14 my Combat Health Recovery reached about 2.8k. (Not including the armor boost when under 60% Health)
    The real thing about this build is you're able to take alot more dmg than you appear too since you regen so quickly. And if you really run into trouble, swap to the secondary bar and you'll grant an instant 10,000 point buffer on top of everything else. You're basically an incredible punching bag.
    The hardest part of this build is maintaining agro, but if you play smart and have a good group, you should be fine.
    Mostly this build excells at solo PvE.
  • xdisasterx
    Soul Shriven
    A really cool feature of NB tanking is, with a trained group, their ability to AoE taunt.
    I'll explain how this works:

    Swap in Consuming Darkness (Bolstering Darkness)
    Before you cast it, tell your group to get close. Use a predetermined signal like "cc" for example.
    And tell them to hit the Dark Resurgence synergy when they see it, then back away.
    When you use the ultimate, immediately spam Drain Power (Sap Essence).
    The synergy grants your allies invisibility, which drops agro from them.

    Your allies go invisible + You AoE dmg & AoE heal = You take all agro. :)
    Edited by xdisasterx on June 27, 2015 7:06AM
  • Forgotmymeds
    Going to try this build. Is the Orc best by far? I like khjits, for their appearance but I'll go with an Orc if I will necessarily die less.
  • NoMoreChillies
    can we get a video of this build in action?
    Insulting people on the internet is cowardly.
  • Mojmir
    just a minor thing, but it lists serpent mundus as health recovery instead of stamina
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