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Girls Knight Out - Guild for RP as an NPC in Tamriel (EU guild with NPC-RP for alts/hardcore).

*Shy wave*

I would like to share a bit of information around a new RP idea my tiny little guild is taking to Daggerfall... basically RP/game experience as an NPC.

This is a "secondary" part of our (Ebonheart) guild - which is basically mature casual / social - but this concept might interest anyone looking for a bit of a Challenge PLUS a way to do RP that is a little off the "lets be superheros in Tamriel" track.

Girls Knight Out

The concept is basically to gimp ourselves down to NPC Level: We start with low level characters and restrict them to only spending skill points in passives and crafting. Armour choices are limited to basic dress and cloth, and attacking / defending is basic mouse button stuff. If youre looking for a way to make more out of a mule/crafting alt account this might be something interesting for you... Its a way to experience Tamriel with the odds stacked against you - and arguably a more immersive experience than the typical 1-shotting deadra approach.

Having done a few trial runs now I have to say - questing just got real hard again. Things are slower and tougher and the sense of achievement (for simple things like finding a shard) just got a lot higher.

We haven't set out any fixed rules as yet - really we make it up as we go along, but so far it feels very much like a lifestyle choice, and speaking personally it makes Tamriel a lot bigger and richer when every little thing you do has to be measured against the real risk of doing it. This is how NPC's experience the world!

If this is interesting for you and you want to see it in action drop me a line in game (@Deloria] - and even if joining up with us is not your thing, please let us know if you plan to do something similar where you are - and how far you get with it :)

  • Deloria
    Some basic little rules i made for myself (Not oblig.).

    Attack / Defense

    Attack and defense limited to mouse clicking.
    Attribute points therefore go right to Health ( I will never need mana or stamina).


    Legerdomain and racial passives OK.
    Skillline passives probably not OK.
    AP ok for crafting passives etc.. No overpowered buffs. Resistances (probably?) OK. Bare minimum to prevent overpowering myself.


    Preferably common clothing, but Cloth armour OK - even wearing greens and blues. Some survivability is OK.
    Dress style should be more like a civilian than a plated adventurer... Other players should struggle to identify you as anything other than an NPC initially.


    Walking preferred, rather than running, but running OK in combat (or to cover very large distances).
    Sneaking OK. No OP movement buffs.

    Mount skills limited to carrying capacity only - no supermounts.

    Wayshrines OK. Portalling not OK.


    Talk in character and try to RP the situation as a mortal commoner, but get out of there fast if you're griefed.

  • Ley
    Sounds fun until you hit a brick wall that forces you to start using some skills.
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  • Deloria
    Ley wrote: »
    Sounds fun until you hit a brick wall that forces you to start using some skills.

    Then use the skills :)

    Everything is up to the player - I'm not going to play skills n*zi .. But I think as many people would get curious on how far they can get without investing in superpowers as would give up and use them.. and I know for sure that people can get very creative in overcoming "insurmountable" obstacles in unorthadox ways - that can be more fun than simply streamlined progression.

    Some people just like a real challenge - There are probably even a few players that would enjoy a permadeath option. That's the mother of all brick walls right there :smiley:

    Edited by Deloria on June 8, 2015 1:12PM

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