Bleakrock & Blackbriar Barter Co: Two of Tamriel's Top Trading Guilds (PC-NA)

  • hiyde
    Questions: Is it worth it to myself and the guild to join up now or should I gain some character (lvl 15 now) and crafting levels so I am actually gathering materials that will be worth something to sell? Does most of the content in this game scale to the level of the looter? I..e. will I get better materials and loot drops when I am higher level?

    I'd like to contribute to any guild I join, not just use them for a place to sell my gathered materials.


    This isn't going to be a short answer lol.

    Our guilds are in the busiest trading hubs where the highest weekly kiosk rent is paid. That means we need very active traders to cover that cost.

    That doesn't necessarily mean high level players. For instance, crafting tempers (stuff like Tempering Alloy, Grain Solvent, etc) drop equally from refining *any* level of raw material. So it really boils down to how much you're going to farm vs. how much you want to focus on playing the game and leveling up first.

    You can make excellent gold by selling raw mats, OR by processing your raw mats and selling the purple/gold tempers.
    Note: There are skill points you need to invest to improve your chances of getting tempers from refining. Either hoard your mats until you've invested all the skill points, or don't refine and just sell the raw mats until you have those points invested.

    What nodes you'll see in the wild depend on two things:
    The related craft level you are at and your player level.
    Until you're level 50 both as a player and in the crafts, you'll see a mix of nodes sometimes based on your level, sometimes based on your crafting level.

    The above refers to cloth, leather, ore, wood. Alchemy items are universal across tamriel, level is irrelevant.

    Bottom line: If you're focused on playing the game and not tons of trading, a Trading guild in a less costly location is going to be better for you, at least for now. You can always change if your needs change.

    If your goal is to get rich as fast as possible, good money can be made at any level and a guild such as ours would work for you!
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  • Kaduka
    Hi. As a member of the Blackbriar Barter Co., I was wandering if it's allowed to ask for membership in the Bleakrock Co as well. I've just topped 2 million (gold), largely due to my membership in the Blackbriar Co. My username is @Kaduka.

    THANKS either way,

    Breylon - CP 160 Stam NB
    Argodragonheart - Lvl 34 Argonion DK
    My-Orc-Mule - CP 160 Orc Stam NB
  • unnameable69
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    hiyde wrote: »

    Bottom line: If you're focused on playing the game and not tons of trading, a Trading guild in a less costly location is going to be better for you, at least for now. You can always change if your needs change.

    If your goal is to get rich as fast as possible, good money can be made at any level and a guild such as ours would work for you!

    Great answers, thanks so much for taking the time. I'm gonna concentrate on playing the game (gathering is one part of that) right now and once I've got my bearings and am ready to start trading in earnest I'll either find a smaller guild or if I'm all in I'll contact you guys. Playing for me is usually part gathering, a little bit of crafting and a mix of everything else so I'll probably have a good amount to trade when I'm ready.

  • Angewba
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    Please send a guild invite to @sudanoca

  • simralin
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    Hello, I was referred to your guild by a friend and would like to join, please send an invite to @simralin. If you need more information, please let me know. Thank you.
  • bunabi
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    I'm also a relatively new player interested in joining.

    Please send an invite @bunabi when you guys have an available opening. Thanks!
  • pollywogs1970
    Please add me to your Mournhold guild when a space is available. My username is @pollywogs1970.

    Thank you :)
  • weldmetal
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    Would like an invite to the Guild!
  • Aleksandrava
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    I'd love to join if you have space!
  • Lifsteinn
    I would like an invite for Blackbriar. Please.

  • Æterny
    Hello, i was part of the guild (BBC) but the last couple months were pretty rough IRL and i had to take care of some problems and couldn't even use my computer. Everything is fine now, can i have an invite again please? @Æterny (Æ = Alt+146)
  • Cyth27
    Can I get an invite to BBC for @orbitoclast?
  • littleladyred
    Soul Shriven

    I'm looking for a trading guild to join and I'm interested. I'll join whichever has the space :)

  • EmmaGFrost
    I'd like an invite to whichever one has space. Thanks so much. :)

  • Araqael
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    Greatly appreciate an invite for Mournhould guild. @Araqael

    Thank you.
  • MarleyQc
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    Hey! Id love an invite to the guild.


  • howsolol
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    Would love an invite to the Mournhold guild. @howsolol
  • aetherial_heavenn
    Would love an invite back to Blackbriar after having a long absence. Regular type member (not elite) looking for a great guild with a regular trader to sell motiffs intricate gear and the usual stuff. :) Hope you can fit me in. Game tag same as forum tag
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  • Metafae
    I was in both of these guilds 2 months ago, but I had to have a break from the game due to real life circumstances. Naturally I understand why I had been removed from both in that time. I was hoping I could get invited back into both of them again now that I've started playing again.

    My @name is same as my forum name. And I'm on the PC NA server.

    I was always a good trader too, kept me stored stocked.
  • Tyriwan
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    I’d love an invite to either or both guilds. @tosimmon12
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  • Heisennburgg
    hi there, do you have 2 spots open in Black Briars? myself and a good friend were looking to join. My user name: Heisennburgg & Friends User Name: Alexandrious
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  • epsic
    interested in joining :)@epsic
  • WirePaladin_1872
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    Interested in joining. Will hold a slot. Thx @WirePaladin_1872
  • taintedbunnii
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    My daughter and I would love to join Blackbriar. Mine is; @Vicious.Potato and her's is; @Skelly.Potato

    Thanks in advance!
  • Loves_guars
    Hi, I'm looking for an invite too please my username is @Wun

  • reoskit
    @cecibergesnrb18_ESO (aka @Wun) - could you specify which guild you'd like?
  • Loves_guars
    reoskit wrote: »
    @cecibergesnrb18_ESO (aka @Wun) - could you specify which guild you'd like?

    Sorry.. "first available"
  • DovahkiinHeart
    Hello, I was wondering what are the minimum weekly dues or requirements for sales/raffle tickets? @reoskit
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  • Allypage
    I am interested in joining. First available spot @Allypage

    Thank You
  • FrancisCrawford

    I've been in both BBCs for quite some time, and they're wonderful. Thanks!!

    There's one glitch right now, and I think the official forums are the right place to raise it, because we might get some help here in solving it. It's the bug whereby crafting stations become unusable. I THINK without being sure that a thread here said:
    • The bug commonly occurs when crafting stations sit on planks, as in our guild house.
    • The workaround is to move the crafting station (a tiny move presumably suffices).

    At the moment, I find about half of the non-jewelry crafting stations unusable, especially but not only the ones in the R-W area. Is that just me, or is it wider-spread? If everybody is having this problem, and no other fix has been found, one try at a workaround would be to give ever visitor decorator privileges and pray they are not misused. If it IS just me, I've love to know what I might be doing wrong. :)
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