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Controller support while Game streaming this game with tablet.

Soul Shriven
Hey there hi there *** there!

I read a couple of post regarding controller support for Pc, but none of those post had anything to say about Gamestream controller support!
So i'm verry verry verry new to this game i start playing 1 day ago.
I often play games with/through my nvidia shield tablet when i'm at a friends place or when i'm at my brother.
Some of mine friends are really curious about this game an want to see it in action but the game took me over 12 hours! to download and update! so i thought to myself why not show them this game through game stream ? and since Nvidia is supporting/optimised this game for the gamestream i don't need to download and update it when i'm at friends!
So i started up the game through the nvidia gamestream and i have to say i runs really smooth on the tablet BUT there is one Big ass problem!
The official Nvidia controller (a specific controller you can use with the tablet for game streaming and other android/tablet games) is like the pc controllers not supported.
So i can start the game, but once in game i cant do nothing deu to the lacking support for controllers!

So i was hoping if ANYONE has tried to play the game through game streaming and got the controller to work!
or can tell me /send me in the direction to get it to work!
Installing 3rd party application on my pc won't help me with tablet/nvidia controller.... at least, not as far as i know......
  • Ranique

    There is no official support on the side of ESO, but the tablet allows you to map buttons manually. The above video gives some explainations how to do this and even look for user made mappings.
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