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League of Exploraton (Restarting)

Greetings fellow adventurers,

I am Kulaan Doskad-Hadroz, Guildmaster and founder of the League of Exploration.

A few months ago, I was forced to travel far away from the action in Tamriel.
I am getting ready to return from my leave and form the League of Exploration again. I will need adventurers and explorers to help build this guild and make it known.

I deeply hope this message is received by those who wish to explore the far reaches of Tamriel.

~Kulaan Doskad-Hadroz, Guildmaster.

Thank you all for reading this. Back in February, my Computer Science instructor had a heart attack and won't be able to return to school until September. I am his T.A and so my responsibilities suddenly increased to where I had to basically put down games through April. Because of that, I had no time to lead a RP guild. On the 3rd of June, I will graduating and will have more time to plan events and lead a guild. My idea for the League was to create a guild of fellow adventurers who wanted to simply RP without getting into the politics of the three alliances. While we will (hopefully) have to comply with the Alliance (RP guilds) leaders, we don't have to worry about all the biases of alliances.

Anyways, I hope some of you will join me in restarting this friendly guild! :smile:

Though war may tear us apart, love for each other will bring us back together as an overwhelming force. ~Kulaan Doskad-Hadroz, Loredas , the 12th of Evening Star, 2E 582
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