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Can audio addons exist?

So, there is a quest in the game in Grahtwood called "Phantom Guilt", which as a ghost whispering in your ear some rather disturbing message. If it possible for an addon to be made so that it keeps happening after you complete the quest, so every now and then it plays an audio file from that voice's audio? If so, that would be amazing.
  • Ayantir
    Impossible. Voice and Music are not accessible for Addons, only UI sounds. And we cannot add our sounds.
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  • Fyrakin
    Technically speaking there is some sort of API to deal with sounds in-game if its a standard UI sound - you can play it with /script PlaySound(SOUNDS.DEFAULT_CLICK), or use ZO_QueuedSoundPlayer API library. For example /script local enchantSoundPlayer = ZO_QueuedSoundPlayer:New() enchantSoundPlayer:PlaySound("Runestone_Kuta", 1000)
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  • Micke3rd
    thnx Fyrakin !
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