full screen world map addon?

Is there any way/addon to see the world map in full screen? I have several addons that add info to the map (pins) like skyshard and book locations..the problem is that the map becomes cluttered with one icon upon the other..i can zoom in of course to a point that the 2 icons become un-clustered..but that means a lot of click and drag to move around the map.

If there was an option for a full map mode we could see the best possible un-clustered map before the need to zoom in. I tried in Esoui siteto find an addon like this with no result..but i would like to ask maybe the option is in front of my face and i am too blind to see it..

(The post is copy from the general forums section, where I accidentally posted this thread the first time).
  • Fyrakin
    Well, you can set MiniMap to any size and then zoom in and out.
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