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[Addon] Dungeon Levels

Dungeon Levels - v1.02


Simply displays the minimum level of a dungeon on the tooltip, as well as the veteran level range if the dungeon has a veteran mode. Also shows the zone faction, and optionally a list of all characters that have completed (or haven't completed) each mode.
  • Display the faction and level information on dungeon tooltips.
  • Optionally show list of characters who have (or haven't) completed it on each mode.
  • Options to turn off any of the name lists (for example only show who hasn't done it).
  • Options to change color of character lists (separate for completed and not completed).
  • Option to enable or disable tracking on a per-character basis.
  • Simply log in with a character to add them to the database.
  • While logged in set tracking to "no" to remove a character from the database and completion lists.


Need updated French translation!

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Download at ESOUI
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