What will you name your Senche-Panther mount?

That is if you can and want to get it when it goes up for a limited time starting "soon". I think I am going to name mine...Nightstrider.
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CP: 1730+, but doesn't matter long term probably. Shafted again... *sigh*
  • BuggeX
    i want it so much, but zos or pp still dont let me buy crwons without adding a kk to PayPal :(
  • Aerius_Sygale
    A kk...? What is that? D: Hope the 2,800 Crowns I have already will be enough, in case whatever that is might cause any problem...

    What I'm most concerned about, though, is if they will make it available in time for it to carry over from the PC account to a console copy, I hope they don't pull a fast one and make us either have to go without on console no matter what, or pick and choose which to buy it for... >_>
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    CP: 1730+, but doesn't matter long term probably. Shafted again... *sigh*
  • BuggeX
    creditcard :) it will cost about 2500 i guess, like the other catmounts
  • leshpar
    I just bought a guar. as much as I'd love a cat, I would much rather have a wolf. I'll wait for one of those to be available.
  • AlienSlof
    'Snowy' ;)
    My leopard's called 'Stripe' :)
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  • Zet-7
    I would name it 404
    This is an empty space.
  • JTorus
  • Pallmor
    Garfield. Because he hates Mondays.
  • Davadin
    I don't have the financial means to buy it, but if I do, I'll name him Hodor.
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  • retyler3_ESO
    If it was green with stripes I would name it Battle Cat and create a Nord and call him He-Man, and then I would work up the Stamina riding skill, so Battle Cat would have armor, and then I would create an add-on that would give me a button that would say, "By the POWER OF GREYSKULL! I ... have ... the ... poooowwwweeeerrr!" in zone chat and yell chat when I pressed the button. You know, just for the fun of it.
  • nastuug
    Hand Banana

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  • nimander99
    Guenhwyvar... what else could anyone name a panther?

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  • MorHawk
    Tammie. I have my reasons.
    Observant wrote: »
    I can count to potato.
    another topic that cant see past its own farts.
  • MornaBaine
    Nerio wrote: »
    Probably Bagheera

    I happen to have a black cat named Bagheera in real life...so I approve of this plan! LOL
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  • Aerius_Sygale
    No offense, and I may be biased, but I still like my name for it best. :D Other name I contemplated is Nightprowler...or Nightpurrowler. XP
    PS4, NA
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    CP: 1730+, but doesn't matter long term probably. Shafted again... *sigh*
  • Julianos
    i would named it "Greeny" :p lol
    I'm gonna name him Anti-Matter, since my NB is a black panther also :smile: That way I can have my panther pet out as I ride my panther mount on my panther nightblade lol
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  • gard
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  • Yukian
    No but seriously... Hm.. Noct, i think.
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  • Athas24
    nastuug wrote: »
    Hand Banana


    YES! ^^ BWAHAHA! But...I'm not going near your hand banana cat...if he's anything like that dog....He's not mind linking with me! or...you know...that other thing. LOL.
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  • SeptimusDova
    I am going to name mine ZOS-GarryA
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  • JWKe
  • dafox187
    That is if you can and want to get it when it goes up for a limited time starting "soon". I think I am going to name mine...Nightstrider.

    not-so-pink panther

    don't get mad at my spelling, autocorrect doesn't cover fantasy.
    Why couldn't the Khajiit go to the party? She had to be Elsweyr.
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