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The Undying Inferno (DK Firemage Build)

Soul Shriven
The Undying Inferno

Hello everyone, this is my DK firemage build. As the name states if you play this build right you will be hard to kill and deliver great dps. First I will layout a base build and tell you what is necessary and what you can swap for certain circumstances. When playing this build you have to adapt it to your needs and playstyle, wether it be more dmg, a little more defense, or aoe madness. I will show you how and offer some suggestions. Here we go.


Option 1 - 5 set seducer (1 heavy, 1 medium , 2 light, weapon) / 5 set warlock (rings/neck & armor) last piece is flex
Option 2 - 4 set martial / 4 set seducer (weapon & armor) / 3 set Warlock rings & neck

If you haven't guessed by now I like managing my magicka. More regen = more spamming = staying alive/dealing the hurt/and outlasting your opponent.
Other sets can work too if you can afford it or get them to drop like Valkyns or arch mage set.

This one depends on how comfortable you are with your ability to stay alive and use the build to its full potential. I like 47 magic/15 health or 52 magic/10 health. My race is Dunmer for the increased fire dmg.

The Build

Bar 1(Destro Staff)
  • Destro move # 1 Flame clench morph
  • Destro move # 2 Force Pulse Morph
  • Draconic Power move # 3 Burning Talons morph
  • Ardent Flame move # 3 Engulfing Flames morph
  • Mages Guild Move # 1 inner light morph
  • Ult is Mages Guild Meteor
Which slot you put them on is up to your own preference. The only move on this bar that I swap in and out is Flame clench. I'll go into more detail and explain the bar once we have both bars up.

Bar 2 (Resto Staff)
  • Mages Guild move # 2 Structured Entropy morph
  • Resto staff move # 2 Rapid regen morph
  • Earthen Heart move # 3 Igneous shield morph
  • Draconic Power move # 1 hardened armor morph/ or Draconic Power move # 4 reflective plate morph
  • Draconic power move # 3 Green dragon blood morph
  • Ult Earthen shield Magma shell morph

So there we have it. Now i'll explain why I take these, some options, and a rotation. So as mentioned earlier the only bar 1 move we like to swaperino is flame clench.
  1. If we like to knock ppl off buildings and add more dot fire dmg to synergize with our engulfing flames we go flame clench.
  2. If we like to burn ppl's stam we go fossilize (move #4 earthen heart).
  3. If we like to combo wombo an aoe firestorm massacre we go elemental ring and combo talons/engulfing flames/elemental ring.
Force pulse is our spammable move with a chance for aoe.

Burning talons is our control/dot dmg and synergy with engulfing and or elemental ring if you chose it over flame clench.

Engulfing flames Is one of my favorites because i like breathing fire plus it gives us increased fire dmg and a dot. Synergy as mentioned in talons.

Inner light Offers us increased magic pool which in turn increases our dps, increases our spell crit, and on each activation a 50% chance to deal 20% more on next attack due to mage guild passives.

Meteor Waffle smashing OMFG moments

Structured entropy good dmg/hot/sorcery buff and health for when you need to survive. Good synergy with inner light/engulfing.

Rapid Regen Powerful HOT with faster ticks and BIGGER ticks comboed with igneous. Its the magic users rally(See 2hander builds if you don't understand).

Igneous shield Powerful synergy with rapid regen/dragons blood/entropy ( You can try out reflective plate over this if you want to combo hardened armor and reflect but i prefer igneous.)

Hardened Armor The name says it all, you get to be as tanky as a heavy armor wearer. I prefer this but if your finding yourself coming up against tons of magic users consider swapping this for reflective plate instead.

Green Dragons Blood The oh **** waffle button and help you regen stam so you can block and dodge more.

Opener and something you should be rinse and repeating every 14-16 seconds
rapid regen/igneous shield/hardened armor/entropy/inner light/clench/pulse
Make sure your weaving between each of these as well except when activating inner light so you can get increased dmg on a clench. Its tough to get used to but worth it. If they get up on you talons/flames make space refresh buffs and hots and go back to it.

All your skill trees/armor/racial/mages guild/undaunted (for the 1 armor of every type bonus), don't forget that when you need resources hitting an ultimate will restore 70%. PLus you have the lock set bonus if you went option 1 as a rebound too.

1 note to those who prefer fossilize over flame clench, fossilize because of the earthen passive helping hands will help you with your stam sustain if your having a hard time keeping it up and it also helps you generate ult faster due to mountains blessing.

That's my build folks I hope you enjoy it. I know I do. :)
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