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Request - Remove, fix or change the Shadow Knight's Eclipse skill on the Rituals stage of VDSA

I'd like to request that a developer considers removing or changing Eclipse from the Shadow Knight's skill set in VDSA. At present while this skill can often just be an easily countered annoyance in some instances it is causing some frustrating problems due to a bug with channeled spells in particular and also the time between the reflection taking place and the visual effect appearing to indicate you have been affected by it being out of sync.

With Radiant Oppression for example if you cast the channel just as you are hit by the SK's Eclipse as far as I can tell it is impossible to cancel Radiant Oppression and CC break for the duration of the channel. This means you're not only locked into casting a spell that is doing damage on you but you're entirely unable to do anything else for the entire duration... which is a problem for a skill often used by healers.

Regarding the out of sync effect on the reflection it seems entirely possible to cast 2 or 3 spells before the visual effect of the Eclipse is appearing resulting in a "one hit kill" on yourself as all the damage arrives at once as soon as the visual effect appears. Fair enough if someone is stupid enough to DD themselves to death while the bubble is clearly on them but reflecting damage back on yourself before there is a visual effect in place seems a little ridiculous.
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