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Some Changes to the Game

Soul Shriven
My Vet14 Dk`s got all armor, all class trees, weapons aswell as werewolf and Vampire maxed out. Then i played all the other classes and only oes missing. So i really like game but here are some changes and expansions i would love to see, or variations.
First: Classes
-Give us the choice to choose 3 of the 12 classtrees, always changable, just to increase the build possibilities. Instead of playing all 4 classes up. (i know its op)
-add a 4th called the Transformationtree. Its basiclly like werewolf that u use the ulti, transfom and then get the skills, only that dks can go dragon, nbs turn to shadow, templar into a holyknight and sorc into whatever. ( should get high cost)

Second: More active skills for Skilltrees
-make the soul magic tree into a necomancer tree allowing to polymorph as cc and summon undead (ulti : Army of dead)
- add a undaunted ulti :( that one is sad 'cuz he got none
- add more weapon skills
Examples; -> (all melee weapons) Leap, u leap to the target and deal "x" dmg. Morphs -> Shattering leap, deal aoe
-> Slicing leap, add bleeding

-> (2h) bladestorm, hold down to spin around, cutting everything in range -> increased range
-> stack bleeding per hit

- (maybe) add magicka morphs to weapons, for Examp. critical charge critical teleport (me as dk has none and is sad cuz nbs do)

change something about the bounty system cuz its kinda useless to have bounty, cuz all i ever got was costs for repairs after death and the bounty itself

Fourth: If the imperial city is released, put the arena from Oblivion as a PvP Arena into it.

Fifth: Fix PvP lags ..... or keep trying

Leave a comment on what u think about that and add ur own stuff if u want. :)
Greeets J3yy3rk
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