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The Consortium of Shadows [RP] Recruitment

Soul Shriven
The Consortium of shadows is a cult and organization that commonly, and openly practices the use of augmentations through magical items, via implants. The group normally works on inventing new items to benefit both mage users and warriors, by creating or buffing spells, as well as enchantments. Experimentation is also a common practice, as implied in the beginning when mentioning augmentations. The group sets off in exploration teams, leveling, grinding, questing, and adventuring with one another while acting out their exploration through means of RP. Some wonder from reading this, "Do I have to be a mage?" or "Is it race specific?" The answer is no, to both actually. Though being a mage is a strong point within the guild, you do NOT have to be a mage to be accepted. In this guild, mages are seen more as the "scientists" within the group, who are the main ones to apply augmentations to other members, as well as being the ones that record research throughout their exploration, however you're encouraged to share and record information during your travels. The group is NOT race specific, it does not matter what race you are, so long as you know for a fact you will fit in with the guild based on common interest. If you inquire about the guild, chances are, you fit in. The group's focus falls to the Dwemmer ruins, as the Consortium is fascinated with the mysterious wonder that is Dwemmer technology. Their goal with the Dwemmer is to learn of their ways, and figure out how to, themselves, make these artifacts, and use them in their every day life. the group also plans to use Dwemmer mechanics within their augmentations. Is this group a criminal organization? Yes, and no. We would not care if you do anything illegal or forbidden, so long as you do not attempt harm to your fellow members, as well as betray. Some would see us as more of a "Secret Society" while others see us as a simple group who takes a strong interest in knowledge and technology. We hope to one day, share the creations we seek to make with the rest of Tamriel.

My contact information is @Turfyjungle2
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