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Silly dunmer looking for friends [RP guild/NA/EP]

Hello follow adventurers! My name is Mellid! I'm only a puny Dunmer who seeks company after all the lone time in my adventure. [The guard seems to dislike my present in towns and I don't feel like paying the fine!] All my old friends have left Tamriel and I'm all alone. -sigh- May be we can meet up in a tavern and share some stories of our adventure at a camp somewhere! I'll bring the booze, of course!

No!! I'm not going to mug you!!

In all seriousness. I'd really love to try out Role-playing in ESO. I'm looking for an RP clans those are not that serious about grammatical mistakes and enjoy Role-playing, lore ,and story as much as I do, and is willing to take an Asian with English as second language with zero-experience Rping on MMO [but I do a lot of table-top RPGs and story-telling], however there are times I struggle in reply and may make some silly mistake like tenses and misspelled vocabulary, and preferably writes in shorter than paragraph. It can sometime be confusing but I'm really trying and I can guarantee that I'll do my best not to disappoint your RP experience with me. I'll also be in-character as much as I can.

I'm mainly in Ebonheart pact, North America server, @yuikami , my online time are mostly afternoon to early-morning EST and free almost everyday.

Thank you very much in advance ^o^/
For more information about me and my character, feel free to check my comic and artwork link in my signature.
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