Slow download speeds

I looked around before posting - the App Nap trick is a good start, I was dealing with speeds from 100 - 300 KBps to as high as 1 MBps if I was lucky. After disabling App Nap I am able to get 12.68 - 13.68 Mbps.

However, the speed has fallen to around 3 Mbps, then jumped back up to around 7 - 10 Mbps, only to fall back to 5 Mbps, even as low as 2 Mbps.

With all other games I get a solid 13 - 15 Mbps download, never dropping below around 12 - 13 Mbps. I use wired cat6 cable and have 181 mbps download speed. I understand this translates to 22.6 Mbps, and that I can't expect 22.6 Mbps sustained... but lows of 1 Mbps are pretty frustrating.

This seems like something the devs should fix, even the App Nap trick shouldn't be necessary, I've never had to do that for any other games.
  • seangcxqb14_ESO
    Update: Back down to lows of 374 KB/s.
  • seangcxqb14_ESO
    Interestingly, it is now showing as 117.3 MB/s which leads me to believe the devs have mistaken bits for bytes. Which makes this a lot worse, since I was only getting 1 - 13 mbps before out of a possible 181 mbps.
  • Seedier
    Are you on EU or US megaserver?

    Of late i've noticed severe server lag (as in, the mobs/npc appear not to do anything for several seconds and then move at lightning speed to catch up). I'm can't see a way to check server latency through ESO but it sure borders on unplayable. This has been an issue the last few days for me on EU server... it may well be something needs tweaking server side
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