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Mask of Cheerful Slaughter Cosplay!

Hey everyone! Wanted to share what me and my fiance made. If you wanted to check out the build and other cosplays we're working on click here: Brosh Cosplay. Thanks for looking!
  • SlayerSyrena
    That's some impressive work. Great job!
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  • Turelus
    This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing.
    I'll make sure it gets a tweet so more people can see it.
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  • Sotha_Sil
    it's amazing. It seems like you have recreated the emotions on the mask quite well.
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  • Mcbutter
    Thank you all, we used apoxie sculpt for the mask and that was the first time using it. If you ever do anything similar to it use it, it's amazing stuff.
  • Amour
    AWESOME. :o
  • ZOS_AmeliaR
    Wow! This is absolutely wonderful, thank you so much for sharing it with us!
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  • Dedhed
    Awesome :mrgreen:
    "This is like talking to breakfast cereal" -- Fredericks in Otherland talking about Wicked Tribe. Also a great description of zone chat.
  • Mcbutter
    Wow! This is absolutely wonderful, thank you so much for sharing it with us!

    Thank you! Wearing it ten days from now at Tidewater Comicon and can't wait!
  • Vyle_Byte
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  • newtinmpls
    Blood of the daedra, you got that right!

    /wayne-n-garth bow
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  • LMar
    That is pretty scary!
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