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OOC ESO roleplaying fansite

Hi guys!

I've been working on a ESO role playing site and I'd like to welcome you guys to join up if you enjoy role playing. The site is a browser text based RPG with a live chat feature. Perfect for getting some role playing in when not at a computer and therefor not able to get in game.

We are currently still in a BETA stage, making sure our current features are working as intended.

Features we have planned as we grow:

Our 1st role playing event will be announced when we reach 50 members (22 to go!)

Faction war once we hit 6 clans with at least 10 people in them.

A faction system much like our current clan system to run alongside the clan system.

1 vs 1 role plays with a structure and the winner will become Emperor of Cyrodiil.

... And so much more!

Our link is ESO Role Playing

Thank you if you decide to come check us out.
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