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More veteran dungeons please

I think it is time to implement more variety of veterans dungeons. For months now we have the same and it gets a little boring. When you (ZOS) plan to convert the rest?
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  • OrphanHelgen
    city of ash gold pledge pls :-D
    Leave 4 of the atronachs alive when killing Valkyn Skoria :)
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    Finally a reason not to play League of Legends
  • Shadesofkin
    I'd like to see a Veteran Vault of Madness for sure.
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  • sebban
    Yes! More Veteran Dungeons soon please!
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  • The_Saint

    Arx Corinium suppose to be next
    Edited by The_Saint on May 4, 2015 8:57AM
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  • Septimus_Magna
    Yes, all dungeons should have veteran modes by now!
    Hopefully this will come in the next major content update.
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